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Detailing Training at Chennai,INDIA

 COURSE OVERVIEW (15 Days Hands-on Training Program)

Auto Detailing is one of the fastest growing and most profitable business now in India for a real passionate people. When you’re ready to start a new business, or take your existing business to the next level, your first stop should be the professional advanced hands-on auto detailing training program at “Carglow Detailing Academy” which will help you with every aspect of your business starting from training to till supporting setting up of your business. We are ready to train anyone looking up to  learn proper techniques from scratch or maybe you want to start a detailing business, our 7 day program can get you on the right path to being a successful business owner.

Our Detailing course is a 7-day hands-on training which will cover topics ranging from bike/car wash services to the latest ceramic coating, most innovative polishing and paint correction techniques. Upon completion, students will be prepared to succeed in operating both mobile/fixed location detail business with the experience and confidence needed to deliver high-end quality detailing services for the most demanding requirements of customers.

If you are looking to gain the right knowledge necessary to create a successful detailing business, the first step to building a successful business is laying the groundwork for a strong foundation. CARGLOW AUTO DETAILING TRAINING PROGRAM at Chennai, India is genuinely professional from both his customers and his peers. Whether you are enthusiastic looking to improve your skills or an established detailer looking to learn ultimate finish, Carglow auto Detail training can accommodate your needs. Remember it only takes one small mistake on an expensive car to cost you much.

Here at CARGLOW AUTO DETAILING TRAINING PROGRAM, you will be educated on everything from advanced detailing skills to modern sales techniques. You will also learn how to properly use and safely handle all chemical compounds, Polishing machines and accessories to maximum efficiency. If you are looking to gain the right knowledge and create a successful detailing business then the training at CARGLOW is the best option for you. We provide one-on-one training to make sure you understand everything. The course is set up so that beginners can attend the class and not feel overwhelmed. Even if you have already been through another training school for detailing, this will be a great opportunity for continued education. Each class will be limited to 2 students in order to maximize the amount of time we can dedicate to each individual.


The course is designed and recommended for both new Enthusiasts choosing detailing field as their  career as well middle experienced detailers looking to take their business to the next level and benefit from a more structured approach to detailing. The course curriculum is customized for each trainee based on level of experience, type of clients, and service focus.


  •  Learning How do inspect a car before detailing.
  • Learning How to wash a car/bike effectively using power wash, steam wash and manual wash two bucket methods.
  • Different types of paint, how to react to achieve best results.(Paint Evaluation)
  • Discussion on Various professional tools,brushes, polishing pads, application pads and Micro fiber cloth to be used in detailing.
  • Learning Correct use of compounds, polishes, and pads.
  • In-depth instruction on detailing chemicals and their proper usage.
  • Learning how to Removal of Swirl Marks, scratches and deposition on paint surface.
  • Introduction to a variety of polishes, and how to maximize their effectiveness
  • Learning Random Vs Rotary Polisher (Ex, Flex, Rupes,BOSCH )
  • Thorough discussion on detailing chemicals (Compounds, polish, cleaners, waxes, sealants, dressings)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      NOTE: We also provide On-Site Training  if minimum  3+ students are available


  • Learning how to do Interior detailing, Head Liner cleaning, and protection of Vinyl and Plastics using hand/tool methods.
  • Learning how to wash fabric seats, Dressing leather seats by using professional tools.
  • Process of tyre and wheel cleaning, dressing and coating.
  • Learning Engine Bay Cleaning and dressing.
  • Learning Headlight/Taillight restoration procedures.
  • Removing rust, polishing chrome, removing mineral deposits and restoring Chrome Logo shine.
  • Introduction to coatings, coating maintenance and  training for Ceramic Coating related products.
  • Introduction to Ceramic coatings (Koch Chemie, IGL) Applications & technique.
  • Hands on experience using imported professional tools like Tornador, DA polishers, etc..
  • Enfield Bullet Detailing will be covered as par of our learning bike detailing.


C​arglow’s detailing training program is an absolute must for anyone looking to start up an auto detailing business and establish a great career opportunity. there are no words to describe how amazing and unforgettable this experience is. Mohan sir treated us like family and made sure to go and above and beyond providing the best knowledge and answers for any questions you may have and also making sure to do the job correctly, and thoroughly.

Vinoth Kumar