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What is Grphane Coating?

Graphene is a material that is made up of graphene and hydrogen and it has a lot of potential for use in protecting the paint of car/bike.

Graphene is a material with a number of useful properties. One of these properties is that it does not allow moisture to pass through it, which makes it an ideal candidate for use in paint.

Graphene coatings are very thin layers of graphene that can be applied to any surface and can protect the surface from corrosion and oxidation because they will offer protection against rusting and make cars look shiny and new for longer periods of time.

Graphene is a carbon-based material that has a number of properties that make it an excellent choice for automobile coatings
It is also great at heat dissipation which means that it can be used to cool down hot spots on the car’s surface.

Some of the relative advantages over ceramic coatings are:

  • Less prone to water spotting
  • Easier application process
  • Reduction in heat absorption on treated surfaces
  • Longer durability

Benefits of Graphene Coating

Gives a Rich, Deep Shine, and Non-Stick Coating: Graphane is a new coating that is applied to the outermost surface of a paint panel. The coating leaves behind a silky smooth finish that also has the ability to reflect light in a way that creates stunning reflections. Forms stunning reflections while leaving a silky smooth finish behind

Incredible Hydrophobic Properties: Repels water and contaminants unlike any other product before.

Durability measured in years, not months: Achieve 5 + years of protection from just one, easy application.

Our work Process:

1. Washing of Car
First step we will do vehicle wash thoroughly using our “Premium wash” service

2. Chemically Remove Iron Particles
This process removes iron particles from your paint to ensure a clean surface. We want to make sure that you have the best possible car paint correction experience. Our team of experts will remove iron particles from your paint via a chemical Decontamination. This process ensures that you have the best possible surface and that it is free of any contaminants.

3. Clay Bar Treatment
A clay bar treatment is mandatory before polishing of any paint surface and can be done after washing your vehicle. It is recommended prior to start polish a car so that you can get rid of any remaining dirt and debris on. After completing claying car’s surface will feel really smoothness.

4. Tape off Sensitive Areas
Masking tape is an adhesive tape that is used for masking off areas that need to be protected against polish or staining. It’s an inexpensive way to protect your car’s trim, chrome and sensitive areas from polish build up or staining.

5. The Polishing Step
The purpose of polishing is to increase shine and clarity by removing minor to medium imperfections in the paint. Polishing is usually done with machines. Polishing is often used as a final stage in the painting process because it removes any marks or imperfections that may have been left on the surface during previous stages of painting. In this service, we will do quick buffing the entire panels by using one step polishing in order to get shine. But we cannot do much paint correction in this service, whereas you can get it done full paint correction with our Level-2 Paint correction.

6.Paint Wipe down
It is important to do a good job with this step as it will be what people see when they look at your paint job. We’ll wipe down the paint with nano IPS to remove any leftover polish residue that can be hiding imperfections.

7. Apply Graphene Coating
Based on customer choice of protection treatment, we’ll apply a wax, sealant, or a durable ceramic coating

Graphene Coating Pricing

Note: Price is based on size, condition and type of vehicle


Starts 22,000/- Onwards (Taxes Extra)


Starts Rs.25,000/- Onwards (Taxes Extra)


Rs.28,000/- Onwards (Taxes Extra)

Graphane Coating FAQs

What is 9H Scratch Resistance or MOHS Hardness Scale?
9H is the grade of pencil tip used to scratch a surface to measure abrasion resistance while hardness is measured using the MOHS Scale. Some brands or manufacturers use the words “9H Hardness” that carries no meaning.
While many coatings are made with materials that resist a 9H abrasion test or are made to be hard like glass/quartz rated 5-7 on the MOH Scale, Artdeshine Nano Graphene Coating as a cured material is only able to resist up to 7H scratch test.
Is Graphene the same as Ceramic Coating?
Both liquid polymers are under the same classification of a nanotechnology based paint protection. They look very similar in appearance, stored the same way, but will vary in their performance and composition (Silicon Dioxide Vs Graphene Oxide). Ceramic coatings are still a popular option, but have been around over the last decade. Whereas Graphene Coatings are the latest technology to hit the car care industry by storm, boasting enhanced durability and chemical resistance over its counterpart, ceramic coatings. Both are still excellent options and one may suit ones budget more than the other, but if you are adamant on only having the best, then you cannot go past the Graphene Coating.
What is a Graphene Coating?
A Graphene Coating is arguably the best form of paint protection that you can opt for when it comes to protecting your car against abrasion, bird dropping stains,water etching and so on, whilst retaining a deep shine and gloss. With the help of Graphene, it delivers a hardness rating of 10H and an elite level of protection beyond that of your typical ceramic coating. Both Graphene and Ceramic fall under the category of nanotechnology paint protection polymers, however Graphene tends to have the upper edge. Forget about waxes and sealants, Graphene Coatings are unmatched when it comes to paint protection.
Is Graphene Coating Good?
If you are serious about protecting your car and keeping it in a showroom condition for many years to come, then opting for a Graphene Coating could be the best investment decision you could possibly make for your car. This durable nanotechnology based polymer will reveal an insane level of gloss and a protection that lasts many years, making it almost obsolete to wax or apply any sealant on your car. Ever wondered how the super luxury and exotic cars are able to turn heads with that slick and glossy finish? The Graphene Coating is the secret.


Client Review

Mr. Mohan from Carglow is extremely professional and friendly. This is the second time I have done car washing at his Carglow centre and i am more than impressed with his detailing on each and every part of the vehicle. Most parts like front grill and Monochrome are much clear and has the shine which shows how much he is passionate about his work. I will highly recommend this place to everyone to try one time.

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