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Headlights begin to fade over time, and there’s no way around it. As your headlights fade, the amount of light that makes it out of the headlight becomes less, and before you know it, driving at night becomes difficult, but more importantly, dangerous. This is due to oxidation on the lens.

Once oxidation begins to take place, it quickly degrades the headlight lens, because polycarbonate is a porous material.

Wet sanding (what we will be doing) helps to remove this oxidation and restore your headlights to a safer condition.

It’s important to note that the process of headlight restoration is not as simple as it is made out to be as we don’t use any readymade headlight repair kit that you find at your local car accessories shop. We go through a full 8-step sanding, compounding, polishing, and protection process to offer the best results.

By sanding your headlights, we’re removing the old layer of clear coat that has failed and oxidized (which leads to the yellow-foggy look).

Then we’ll compound and polish to bring them back to a like-new condition. Finally, for protection, we’ll apply wax/sealant or glass coating.

Here is Our Head Light Restoration Process

  • Masking the headlight edges to avoid any sanding scratches on paint panels. Note that we won’t remove the headlights from car.
  • Sanding headlights starts with 400 grit to remove the heavy oxidization
  • We will repeatedly do sanding steps for the headlights ranging from 400-3000 in order to refine every stage with previous step to remove any scratches that may have been made during the sanding process
  • Buff the headlights with a compound and cutting disc to reduce sanding marks
  • Polish the headlights with a polishing compound to produce maximum clarity
  • Finally, either protect your headlights with wax/sealant or glass Coating with 1-year durable protection
Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour per headlight

Recommended Repeat Frequency: None, if re-yellowing appears; a light polish by hand is all that is needed.

Maintanance Tip: Periodically apply waxing to avoid oxidations forming on the headlights.

Sample Pricing

Note: Price may vary based on size and condition of headlights





Why my headlight looks yellowing and why do my headlights need to be restored?
As technology improved car manufacturers began using polycarbonate lenses rather than glass to create custom shapes and sizes. While there are many advantages to polycarbonate as well one of the greatest drawbacks is that over time, the quality of the headlights heavily degrades. Oxidation caused by sunlight, rain, road debris, and other environmental hazards of travel are the primary antagonists.
When you buy a new car, your headlights come equipped with a UV resistant coating know as a “clear coat” to slow the process of oxidation. As this sealant breaks down over time, oxidation builds up and leaves the headlight vulnerable to yellowing, deep scratches, and limited visibility that can only be repaired through a restoration process.
Do you have to remove the headlights in order to clean them? Will you clean inside of the headlight also?
No, we do not have to remove the headlights. Our process is intended to be done with your headlights in place. We put masking tapes around the headlight and will start restoration process by doing wet sanding. We will do the restoration only for outside surface of the headlight and won’t enter inside of the headlights.
How long does this service take and what will be the charges?

It depends on the size and condition, but it typically takes 45 to 90 minutes to complete the restoration process. If the condition is severe, it’ll take longer.

We charge around Rs.1500/-(Taxes Extra) per set (The 2 front headlights) for all standard makes/models and will take 2hrs to complete the job

How long will headlight restoration last?

Many of our customers ask how long headlight restoration will last. Our short answer is 1 to 3 years. It all depends on what type of lens your vehicle has, how well you maintain and care for your vehicle, and the environmental conditions.

If you perform well-cared maintenance to your vehicle, such as careful driving and giving frequent car washes, the sealant will remain thick and reduce the recurrence of oxidation in a short period of time. If you leave your vehicle outdoors without any covering and exposed to the UV rays, then your headlights will deteriorate faster. The material of the headlights varies from vehicle to vehicle, but overall, UV rays are very damaging to the headlights. At Carglow Headlight Restoration, we finish off our headlight restoration process with BOTH UV clear coat and wax sealant.

What are the man benefits of restoring my Headlights?
The main benefits of headlight restoration are below.
1.Restoration Ups Your Visibility
2.It Saves You Money Long-Term
3.It Keeps Your Car Looking Sharp

Client Review

I am from kanchipuram. I have a ten year old fiat Linea car. The headlight of my car was very yellowish due to oxidation and got minor cracks. So I need a fix and permanent headlight restoration. I came to know about “carglow” after Google searching.Trust me, it was really a pleasant experience from the moment I called Mr.Mohan and scheduled my appointment.
He is really a good professional who knows how to handle the customer at ease. He explained me the whole process for the head light restoration and the products which they use. Also he recommended me the products to detail my car if incase I wish to do it on my own. That was really a genuine advice and not a product placement at all. This is something that we can’t experience from most other car service centres.My car headlights are polished and restored which is very satisfactory to me. I also asked for car interior detailing along with anti-rain coating on windshields and that too was perfectly done. As a whole, it was really a quality service that something which is every customers expectation.

Dinaej Ram

Sat, Nov 28, 2020, 2:09 PM

Went here for headlight restoration for my 10 year old car. Highly satisfied with their service. Restored the headlights to near stock condition. Mr.Mohan and his team did a great job and I really appreciate for what he is doing out of passion. Will surely recommend to my friends and family for their car’s future detailing works 🙂
Niranjan Kannan

Jan 8, 2022, 9:30 AM