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Tyre Cleaning & Dressing

Tyres are critical to the overall appearance of a car and yet are often overlooked. Considering the fact that tyre is in continual contact with the road and suffer from adverse effects of road tar, dirt, grime, water, salt, brake dust, grease and ultra violet radiation (UVR), ozone, and oxygen, it is understandable that they require great care. Over time, tire rubber simply degrades. As a matter of fact, vehicle manufacturers recommend, independent of tyre mileage, that they be replaced, typically after six years, as a means of preventing sudden failure!

From a detailer’s perspective, not only do we want tyres to look nice (i.e. appear new), but we also want to protect them from the elements identified above. A properly cared for tyre will add significantly to the overall appearance of a well-detailed vehicle. With this in mind, let’s first try to understand one of the most obvious negative visual features of a tyre: tyre browning.


Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour
Recommended Repeat Frequency: once in every 15 Days


Very nice job. Very neat. Time wise was perfect, Will actually took his time to do a great job and leave a satisfied customer. Very happy the final result. Truly the best Detailers around in Chennai.


Pallikarani, Chennai

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