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Proper washing methods for a clean car with no swirl marks

Not Rocket Science, But There’s A Right Way of car wash- That’s What We Do

It’s not rocket science to wash a car, but there are methods that produce better results than your typical Rs.400 car wash. If you’re looking for a fast and cheap option to get your car washed in Chennai, we most likely won’t be a great fit for you. We take the wash process further to provide a higher quality level of service and results. We call it our Premium Wash. We’ll wash the vehicle to remove everyday dirt/grime, bird poo, & dust using proper wash & drying techniques & methods to greatly reduce surface scratching. This service is great when paired with with an Engine Cleaning or a Full Interior Cleaning.

Our Premium Car Wash Work Process 

  • Wheels, Tyres and arch cleaning
  • Logo cleaning and Salt removal
  • Mats clean & Wash
  • Carpet, Trunk Clean and Vaccuming
  • All door Jambs, panels, Dash Board Clean
  • Remove bugs and bird poo from vehicle
  • Wash vehicle with quality mitts, products, and methods
  • Dry vehicle with soft microfiber towel (no swril marks)
  • Air blower to blow water out of crevices,front grill and wheels
  • Applying Hyper dressing on all Vinyl plastics to make new look
  • Clean exterior glass and windows
  • Dress tyres to make them shine

Sample Pricing

Note: Price is based on size, condition and type of vechicle







Premium Wash FAQ’s

What is premium wash as compared to normal car wash?
Premium wash will be done by trained technician who knows where to start and end the perfect car wash using soft water, professional methods, process, branded products, and high grade microfiber towels in order to avoid swirl marks. At Carglow, only trained guys will be attending the car wash and other detailing jobs and you will be very happy with job. We assure you that your vehicle won’t get any swirl marks with our Premium wash. Please note that we take little more time as compared to others.
I am having brand new car and worrying about swirl marks after wash. Is your Premium wash will avoid creating of swirl marks?
Swirl marks are a big problem for many car owners. The swirl marks are the result of improper washing and waxing. When a vehicle is washed improperly, swirls are left on the paint. These swirls are caused by improper washing and waxing techniques, improper use of car wash products, or by using abrasive car wash soap or detergents. Our Premium Wash will not allow to make any swirl marks as we use higher GSM value Microfiber towels and air blowers to swipe the car after wash. You can try one time with our premium wash without any doubts.
Do you remove salt marks and tar marks?
We will offer salt mark/tar mark removal service but will not be included in this package. We need to spend more time to complete the job depends upon the condition and will attract additional charges.
Do I need to book an appointment before coming to you for car wash?
We prefer to take the every customers job by appointment only as we respect customers time and would like to deliver the vehicle ontime. You may book slots online through www.carglow.in or by calling us 9498068989 to fix an appointment. But unplanned power downs may interrupt the appointment times.
How long does the wash process take?
It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle, but generally speaking between 60 to 90 minutes.


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Client Review

Mr. Mohan from Carglow is extremely professional and friendly. This is the second time I have done car washing at his Carglow centre and i am more than impressed with his detailing on each and every part of the vehicle. Most parts like front grill and Monochrome are much clear and has the shine which shows how much he is passionate about his work. I will highly recommend this place to everyone to try one time.

----Dawood A---

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