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Engine Bay Cleaning

The modern day engine is well protected, and therefore engine detailing is safe (safe to clean the entire engine bay). An engine that is kept cleaned and conditioned increases the longevity of the rubber and plastic parts. Not to mention, it looks awesome! Pressure blast, de-grease and wash, remove dust, oil, and leaves shine plastic and rubber components. Keeping your vehicle’s engine clean can actually allow it to run at a cooler temperature, while making it easier to work on and increasing resale value. Your engine compartment is first shampooed using special degreasers and cleaners to break-down built up grime and grease build up on liquid containers, firewalls and valve covers. Then we dress the engine compartment with a low sheen non-silicone dressing. Although we take many precautions not to damage electronic sensors, we’re not responsible for any damage that could occur.


Approximate Total completion Time:1 hour

Recommended Repeat Frequency: Once in every 3 months

Pressure Washing

A pressure washer or power washer is a high-pressure mechanical sprayer used to remove dust, mud, and dirt from car upper and lower surfaces and objects. Rinse at 2200psi to remove dirt, mud, brake dust, bugs and road grime especially in hard to clean places like behind plastic mouldings on body and bumpers, rubber window surrounds, windscreen wipers, roof rack rails, brake caliphers, inside rim of wheels and hard to reach engine bay.


Approximate Total completion Time:1 hour

Recommended Repeat Frequency: once in every week

Note: Car owners can wash manually by using recommended shampoo and microfiber towels only

Clay Bar

Using a clay bar will remove embedded surface contamination that still remains after maintenance wash. Sometimes the contamination removed is not always visible on the paint to the naked eye. After using a clay bar on your paint you will be left with a surface that is as smooth as glass and properly prepped. It is now ready for polish or for you to apply layers of protection. Not only can you clay your vehicles paint, but glass, wheels, lights and more. A common misconception about using a clay bar is that it has an impact on removing swirls and scratches, it does not.


Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour

Recommended Repeat Frequency: once is every 6 months before machine polishing.

Machine Polishing

This is a two-step polishing service correcting minor to medium imperfections in your cars paint such as light scratches (swirls) and oxidation. First your car is machine buffed using our swirl free buffing process. We use unique glazes with dual action polishes, restoring your vehicles paint closer to its original beauty. Only best compounds, waxes and equipment are used to leave a long lasting shine. The treatment done by well trained professionals who will reveal a new glossy look of the paint.


Approximate Total completion Time: 4 hours

Recommended Repeat Frequency: once is every 6 months.


Applying wax to a painted surface provides long lasting protection from the elements. Helps prevent sun fading and acts like a protective coating so that bugs, tar and sap stick to the wax instead of the paint. The vehicle remains shinier for longer and is easier to clean. More wax = more protection for your precious paint. We use machine buffing for wax treatment.

Interiors Detailing

Proper interior car detailing includes shampooing carpets and fabric with mild pH balance shampoo soap. This insures longevity of the fabric and material for the interior of your car. Properly dressing your car’s interior (leather, vinyl and plastic) leaves it with a original, like-new finish. Our professionals wipe all plastics and leather (remove dust, fingerprints and food spills), brush out vents, UV protect, clean and condition rubber door and boot seals, door trims, dash, controls with your choice of matt or shiny finish.


Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour

Recommended Repeat Frequency: once is every 6 months.

Glass cleaning

Remove any layers of grime, fingerprints, pet saliva for that streak free shine. Removal of stickers and labels upon request. Clean glass not only looks better, it helps you drive better. Clean, clear glass looks beautiful next to clean, waxed paint, and it improves your visibility while driving. Just a few extra minutes detailing your windows will add a sparkling touch to your vehicle’s finish and just might save your life.


Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour

Recommended Repeat Frequency: Every week.

Windscreen Polishing & Coating

You don’t really notice grime on glass until it’s gone, yet clean windscreen and windows are the finishing touch for making your car sparkle. Careful cleaning and drying may deal with marks on the exterior, but you need specialist help on internal glass.A clean windscreen is an essential component of car safety, as dirty or cloudy windows can reduce visibility and increase the effects of glare. Although it can be difficult to achieve that new-car clear windscreen, professionals like “Carglow Detailers” can do it for you.

Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour

Headlight & Taillight Restoration

Headlights begin to fade over time, and there’s no way around it. As your headlights fade, the amount of light that makes it out of the headlight becomes less, and before you know it, driving at night becomes difficult, but more importantly, dangerous. This is due to oxidation on the lens. Once oxidation begins to take place, it quickly degrades the headlight lens, because polycarbonate is a porous material. Wet sanding (what we will be doing) helps to remove this oxidation and restore your headlights to a safer condition.


Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour

Recommended Repeat Frequency: None, if re-yellowing appears; a light polish by hand is all that is needed.

Tyre Cleaning & Dressing

Tyres are critical to the overall appearance of a car and yet are often overlooked. Considering the fact that tyre is in continual contact with the road and suffer from adverse effects of road tar, dirt, grime, water, salt, brake dust, grease and ultra violet radiation (UVR), ozone, and oxygen, it is understandable that they require great care. Over time, tire rubber simply degrades. As a matter of fact, vehicle manufacturers recommend, independent of tyre mileage, that they be replaced, typically after six years, as a means of preventing sudden failure!

From a detailer’s perspective, not only do we want tyres to look nice (i.e. appear new), but we also want to protect them from the elements identified above. A properly cared for tyre will add significantly to the overall appearance of a well-detailed vehicle. With this in mind, let’s first try to understand one of the most obvious negative visual features of a tyre: tyre browning.


Approximate Total completion Time: 1 hour
Recommended Repeat Frequency: once in every 15 Days

Ceramic coatings

Ceramic coatings have become the latest trend in the detailing industry. Ceramics, also popularly known as nano coating, quartz coating, glass coating,etc comprises of Silicon Oxide (SiO) in a  resin mixture which cures and oxidizes as Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).  The Mohs hardness of Silicon dioxide is 7 and the melting point is 1,610 degrees Celsius. Certain coatings contain polymers and Silicon Carbide (SiC) with different installation methods which have a hardness level of 9 of the coating. Now let’s understand the significance of a coating to you, the customer !

 Advantages of Ceramic coating

  • Enhancement of  Gloss  – Coated paint surface will have better reflections with increased depth and gloss
  • Enhanced Durability of the Protection – Coatings last longer than traditional waxes and sealants due to chemical composition and bonding with the clear coat.
  • Protective layer – Coatings can add few microns to the paint surface and provides a protective layer.
  • Hardness – Coatings provide hardness to the surface, which helps to resist minor washing scratches.
  • Easier  to clean contamination & maintenance – Road tar, tree sap, bird droppings,dust,etc are easier to clean along with water or shampoo and are repelled off the surface .
  • Resistant to fading – Resistance to fading with exposure to UV rays in sunlight


I spent many days looking for the right detail shop to help protect and restore my Mercedes Benz. I was referred to Carglow Detailing and they did an astounding job.



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